Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM) LOGO

Momenshahi Cantonment, Mymensingh
College Code : 7270 | School Code : 7759 | EIIN : 111925

Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM)

Officer in Charge : A K M Shahid Sarwar (Senior Teacher)

The Holy Quran is not written by men. This is the direct message of Allah. To improve the religious sense and raise excellent recitation power of the holy Quran, the students of this society get the guidance of the related teachers. They also influence them to read the life and works of the cursors of Islam. In understanding the message of suras, Bangla translation of the lines are added with this. On special occasions the students of this club show their attainment specially on Assembly day. Fifty students are being trained in this club on the scheduled days of clubs and societies. On special occasions of the institute, they play their flute and impress the audience.

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