Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM) LOGO

Momenshahi Cantonment, Mymensingh
College Code : 7270 | School Code : 7759 | EIIN : 111925

Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM)

Officer in Charge : S M Zahiduzzaman (Assistant Professor):

Lord Batten Powel is the pioneer of Scouting. Being inspired by the ideals and teaching of scouting, the members of this society have taken oath to serve the people in distress and to make team selves ideal citizens of the country. In the society, they learn about different tactics of overcoming obstacles in their path and nurses their talent doing different kinds of activities. The motto of becoming ideal, self-depended citizens is being cherished in their hearts and under the supervision of trained teachers, they have become strong and expert team to win their goal.

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