Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM) LOGO

Momenshahi Cantonment, Mymensingh
College Code : 7270 | School Code : 7759 | EIIN : 111925

Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM)

Officer in Charge : Md. Nasir Uddin (Lecturer, Bangla):

Excellent accent and the art of expression are the juice of all speeches. There is no alternative of recitation as it expresses the joys and sorrows of life composed in refined pieces to develop the creativity of the students. By enhancing the spirit and evaluating the fifty nine students’ achievement, this club lets the students to participate in different competitions where they have also proved their worth. They learn how to recite poems with proper intonation and correct pronunciation. They also get the scope for staging and taking part in district level literary competition.

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